ziemannArbonne International
Sarah Ziemann

Stop by my table to enter a drawing for a FREE 30 day Nutrition kit or FREE skin care kit.

bquestBQuest Beadz
Paulette Privott

I’m offering custom crafted beaded jewelry and accessories that are easy to wear. Stop by my space for a great selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves and brooches.

decawrapDeca Wrap
Suzanne Brinks

I’m offering handmade garments in a variety of colors and prints – Deca Wraps, Kimonos & Scarves.

henderson_vendorIdea Success Network
Sylvia Henderson

Stop by table for resources for getting your ideas from your heart to reality (books, CDs, home-study programs, access to Sylvia for 1:1 VIP sessions)

You should stop by so that you make 2017 the year you overcome frustration and take action on your dreams.

star_vendorIlluminate with Star Bobatoon
Star Bobatoon

Come to my table for an inspirational multimedia gift and sign up for your free Story Discovery Session.

detweilerIsn’t Enough Ministries, LLC
Mary Detweiler

Stop by and check out my books on how to overcome various obstacles to discovering and living your God-given purpose. Some of these obstacles are unhealed hurts; destructive habits; crippling hang-ups; religion instead of relationship; the stained glass ceiling; and refusal to wait on God.

koronet_vendorLNK Creative
Ellen Koronet

LNK Creative is your expert making “Creativity, Seriously!” work for you.

Reasons to stop by:
1) Sharon Burton, SJB Creative, is sponsoring a DOODLE WALL and Facebook Live Station – get supplies/instructions here.
2) LNK’s Inner Muse & Mentor picture decks are for sale.
3) Get periodic updates of the OPW 2016 Intentions Quiz results. (Take the quiz now!)

Kim Serafina

alixmoore_vendorAlix Moore, LLC
Alix Moore

I am a highly gifted clairvoyant, soul healer, and channel for the archangels. I help you see and shift the programming that prevents you from creating the life you desire. Stop by my table for twenty minute angel-assisted psychic readings and to check out my books and online programs.

claudia_singPositively Soulful Music
Claudia Carawan

Stop by table and check out my CD’s for sale.


probert_vendorBodyworks Physical Therapy & Brave Healer Productions
Laura Probert

Tools and treatment for authentic healing and living fiercely alive. Stop by my table and check out my books for sale:

  • Living, Healing and Taekwondo – a memoir
  • Warrior Joy, a Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self
  • Warrior Soul, a Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self
  • and free reports and information about authentic, holistic healing, including Myofascial Release, Breathwork, and therapeutic journaling.


mcdougall_vendorThe Maverick Edge
Sandy McDougall
Life Coach for Women, Money Harmony Coach, Speaker and Writer

Stop by – or come sign up for a specific time to ask your question.

scientificThe Scientific Mystic
Rosemary Bredeson

I offer Spiritual Mentoring/Counseling and Multi-Dimensional Guidance in private sessions/workshops and classes. Come by my table for an opportunity to meet and to learn about offerings. A drawing for a prize. Invitation to sign up for a Free Discovery Session. Chocolate.

shuler_vendorThe Shuler Group
Dawn Shuler
I offer coaching, consulting, and training for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizations to help them thrive. Stop by my table to check out books, self-study programs, and the opportunity to do coaching.

brand_vendorWings of the Sun
Karen J. Brand

As a web and graphic designer, Karen brings creativity and uniqueness to all of your business projects. I’ll make you shine and show your fabulous Self to potential clients!

I am a beaded jewelry designer as well, and offer a selection of one-of-a-kind earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets for yourself or gifts.

kathrynKathryn Yarborough
I’m a coach for heart-based entrepreneurs and an online entrepreneur. I help folks attract clients easily, clear blocks, and thrive. Stop by my table for:
1. Complimentary Attract Clients Easily Consultations
2. Drawing to win Attract Clients Easily 3-session intro coaching package.
3. Discounts on programs and courses.

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