2015 Conference

On Purpose Woman Conference 2015

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Sylvia Henderson

I help you take your ideas and...
• Get clarity,
• Get strategies,
• Get implementation, and
• Get action & accountability
so that you make an IMPACT© on the world!

Karen J. Brand

Graphic & Website Design for Heart-Centered Businesses
• Logos
• Brochures
• Websites
• and more!

2015 Speakers

beattieElaine Robinson Beattie

Opening Keynote on Friday
The Power of Community

Panelist “The New Feminism”

We were not created to live, work, or play alone. A healthy community begins with you, your family and then embraces the communities you choose to engage. We are challenging you to intentionally build a healthy community around you; a powerful network that results in purpose, fulfillment and success as you define it. There is nothing like the power of community. We are better

Elaine Robinson Beattie is CEO of Empowerment Consulting. Business coach, public speaker, and organizational development consultant. She ignites, inspires and guides her clients into self-employment, leadership, and fulfillment. Her experience spans several industries to include corporate, small businesses and higher education. Her secret to success lies in her ability to help create support structures, clarity and focus. www.ElaineRobinsonBeattie.com (Under Construction)

blackstonMarilyn L. Blackston, M.D.

Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Body

It has long been known that prolonged stress has devastating effects on the body. Recent research shows that the effects are even more extensive than previously thought. Dr. Blackston will review what stress is, the disease processes directly affected by stress and give you practical, useful ways to alleviate stress in your life and greatly improve your health. Using examples from her own life, she will share how stress creeped up on her causing serious illness and how she overcame it.

Dr. Marilyn Blackston, a native Baltimorean, has a BS from Brown University, a MD from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and completed a residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery ( ENT) at the University of Maryland Medical System. Because of injuries from a motor vehicle accident, she can no longer perform surgery. She has spent the last 25+ years helping women learn to care of themselves to have better health. Most of her attention has been on the effects of chronic stress on physical and mental health. Dr. Blackston has written 2 books, Rebuilding the Temple: A Spiritual Journey to Wholeness, and Rebuilding the Temple: Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit and has recorded 2 Meditation CDs to promote relaxation. She is also a certified Wellness Coach and a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. Her books and CDs are available on www.drblackston.com

bobatoon_2Star Bobatoon

Opening Keynote on Saturday
Use the Good China – Recognize and Embrace Your Unique Gifts

We are all endowed with gifts, talents and abilities that are uniquely ours. I call it the Good China. Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize our value or understand the positive impact we can make on the world. When you take the time to recognize, develop and use your talents, not only will you reach your own destiny, you will lead others to do the same. Stop resisting, ignoring and hiding your gifts. Be motivated and inspired to use your Good China.

Star is an award-winning speaker and dynamic trainer and coach with Incredible One Enterprises specializing in sales and communication. With over a decade of performance on stage, television and the big screen and another decade as a litigation attorney, Star has a unique and engaging style that allows her audiences and clients to take action and get results. Using her experience as Program Manager for Les Brown’s speaker training program and as a top-selling trainer for a national training company, Star works with corporate, association and individual clients to improve their presentation and sales persuasion skills in order to have more confidence and success in their careers, their businesses and their personal lives. www.StarBobatoon.com

bonte-lebairStephanie Bonte-Lebair B.M./M.M.

Leverage Your Voice to Sell

Your voice is your primary tool for communication with prospects and clients. How you use it, what it sound likes, and how you present yourself while speaking can make the difference between landing the client or losing the sale. Maximize your selling power with the one tool you carry around with you every day – your voice!

Key Takeaways:
•How to find your authentic voice that sounds and feels fantastic every time you use it.
•The top vocal techniques that keep the audience glued to your every word.
•Top vocal mistakes people make that sabotage the trust and faith of their prospects and clients.

Stephanie Bonte-Lebair is the Creator of The Empowered Performer. www.empoweryourvoice.com and Co-Founder of Duet Vocal Academy www.duet-vocal.com She is a lifelong performer and lover of all things on the stage! She has been coaching singers, actors and speakers for over 15 years to improve their voices and connect with their audiences. She loves to speak to groups of all sizes about how they can leverage the use of their voice to build their business and fulfill their dreams. Her mission is to help others stand in their power and be the voice of their passions!

brandKaren Brand

Signs & Symbols from Spirit

Spirit speaks to us in so many ways! Learn how the world around us holds messages for us. From the color of the car in front of you, to the feather you find on your windshield, to the squirrel on your patio, we’ll talk about how these signs and symbols give us messages to help us in our day-to-day life. There will be time for a Q&A session at the end.

A gifted medium, Karen uses her insights and practical wisdom to bring you messages from your angels and loved ones in Spirit. Her messages are given in a loving and nurturing way to bring validation and empowerment into your life. She brings to you the joy of knowing that we are never alone in this lifetime, and that our loved ones are always near us.

bredsonRosemary Bredeson

Have a Meta*Physical Checkup: Create Balance on the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Level

In this session you will learn the 3 keys you can use to create the life you desire. We will explore how an imbalance in your energy bodies can be showing up in your life as blocks, stuck places and challenges. You will learn tools that you can use to clear blocks, eliminate indecision, and create a roadmap for your next step so you can Live Your Richest Life.

Rosemary Bredeson, The Scientific Mystic, is a Spiritual Teacher with a Scientific Mind who does private mentoring to help women entrepreneurs discover possibilities that they didn’t know they didn’t know. 12 years on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope = Scientific. Intuitive skills as a Medium = Mystic. “Let me be your Hubble!” www.TheScientificMystic.com

budneyCortney Budney

Discover Your Unique Message That Sets You Apart and How to Share it with the World in a BIG Way

In this world of many amazing coaches, speakers, and healers, it is not easy to see how we can set ourselves apart and be that unique and powerful messenger for the world, like those of Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer. But the truth is, if you have an urgency and longing to share you with the world, there is ALWAYS a way to get out there and share you with the world in a way that only you can! Discover your deeper inner messages and what sets you apart, why the world needs you, and how to get started in a way that will help you not only understand yourself and your “tribe” (those who need you) better, but will also have you easily making 6 figures a year, to start!

Cortney Anne Budney is a young, wise, and powerful guide who is here to share the message of ease, freedom, power, and prosperity. As a speaker, coach, and writer, Cortney guides people into the role of their best self so they may be able to live their life as a play and never again as a struggle. Through her journey of self-discovery and developing her business, Cortney has learned to play the role of her Best Self, and from that place, has easily created a life and business of great joy and prosperity. It is Cortney’s great honor and pleasure to guide heart centered entrepreneurs in discovering their unique message, their inner value, and most importantly, their best self.

carawanClaudia Carawan

Fearless Creativity

Everyone is creative (whether you believe it or not) and everyone has the capacity to further develop their creativity to make a difference in their lives and the world. In this workshop we will learn new skills to boost creative expression, play creativity games and make friends with our inner critic.

Vibrant, authentic and full of joy, Claudia Carawan is an award-winning singer-songwriter, inspirational speaker & performer whose music runs deep. Her voice has been described as “goose-bump inducing” and her original songs feature buoyant melodies fused with feel-good lyrics. At the heart of Claudia’s music and mission as an artist is a belief that music is transformative, and her positively soulful music gives her audience a feeling of empowerment, a strong sense of joy, and the feeling that anything is possible.

fehrIrene Fehr

How to Reclaim Sexuality and Desire as a Power Source for Life and Business

Do you know that fire-like feeling of sexual turn-on and desire in your body? It could be tingling or your body temperature going up. Your body being switched on, the mind relaxing, and you becoming more aware of and receptive to sensory and energetic signals around you. Yes, that one!

This is YOUR sexual energy, and it’s a potent energy source that fuels confidence, mental clarity, and physical and emotional vitality in all areas of your life – from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Want to have more of this visceral turn-on in your life? More sexual desire in your relationships? More ignition to power your life of purpose?

In this interactive workshop, you will

  • Discover the 3 keys to feeling more turned on in your life, relationships, sex – and your business
  • Learn how to connect to your sexual energy and tap its power – any time and with all your clothes on
  • Explore your own blocks around sexuality, desire and sex through playful exercises and honest conversations

Expect to get outside the head, feel into your body and learn something new about yourself.

Irene is a Women’s Sex & Desire Coach, specializing in helping women with low libido or sexless relationships to reignite their desire and create a nourishing and fulfilling sex life. She is the founder and creator of the Ignited Woman Summit and speaks to women’s groups and diverse audiences from California to Maryland. www.IreneFehr.com

fisherJory Fisher

10 Steps to a Bulging Bank Account
(Most Entrepreneurs Get This Wrong!)

Imagine what it would mean for you and your business if you knew:
•The #1 thing you must do to catapult your biz into 6 figures and beyond.
•Little known pricing secrets that benefit both you and your clients.
•How to create irresistible and affordable offers.
•How to structure your service-based business to keep ideal clients coming back for more.

In this workshop, Jory Fisher shows one-person business owners with service-based businesses (such as coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, lawyers, authors, designers, and nutritionists) how they can vastly increase their influence and make a quantum shift in their earnings fast!

Jory Fisher is passionate about helping on-purpose solopreneurs be wildly successful so they can make the difference they’re called to make with courage, confidence, and joy. A professional coach and small business expert, Jory invites you to visit JoryFisher.com for valuable free resources and to connect with her on LinkedIn.

hendersonSylvia Henderson

Products, Programs, & Presentations: Discover Profitable Possibilities for Your Projects & Passion

Coaches & speakers; healers & creatives – we hear that we need multiple streams of income for profitable businesses or supplemental income for life’s necessities. As experts in our topics, where do we find these multiple streams and how do we create them?

Sylvia shows you how to find & create three revenue sources from one topic, and gives you ideas for at least ten more. The group will share alternatives that work for them so you leave with 15+ real-world, start-tomorrow profit centers for your business, non-profit, or just some additional supplemental income!

Sylvia Henderson, the “Maven of Implementation”, helps you get your ideas out of your head and into action for profit and purpose. She serves professionals, entrepreneurs, solo business owners & non-profit leaders wanting a trusted adviser and proven systems to put their intentions into action. Intentions include making more money, building businesses & organizations, developing sources of income, and initiating “next chapters” for their lives. She’s a Trekkie, rides a motorcycle, and lives with her Corgi and her life partner in Olney, MD. Sign up for her Idea Success Notes at www.IdeaSuccessNetwork.com.

hylenAndrea Hylen

Using the Feelings of Failure As a Tool of Exploration

All of your feelings are guiding you to more of what you truly desire in your life. This is an interactive workshop to explore what you are feeling now and the signs and clues that are pointing you to your deeper desires. Exercises, tools and resources will be shared in the workshop.

Andrea Hylen is a coach, author, speaker, and parent. She received the 2013 Woman of Purpose award in recognition for her work to support the empowerment of everyday, extraordinary women all over the world. Andrea founded Heal My Voice through her own experiences with grief, trauma, and loss which led to living from greater inner authority, purpose and leadership. Andrea’s journey with grief includes the loss of her brother, husband and son. Her training includes, BSW from Temple University, Ordained Minister in the Beloved Community, Enwaken Coaching System and OneTaste Coaching program and ongoing trainings in energy healing. In addition to serving as Heal My Voice’s Executive Director, Andrea is an Orgasmic Meditation Teacher and Sexuality Coach. www.healmyvoice.org

kohmSusan Kohm

Panelist: Go For It! Have the Life You’ve Imagined!

Making the Sales Connection: Increase Your Sales Effectiveness through Personality Type and Temperament

The key to making a sale is meeting the needs of the customer. The right product or service is obviously important but perhaps even more crucial to making the sale is understanding how your prospect likes to be approached. How easily can you establish a productive relationship? How can you best give them what they need to make a buying decision? If you can understand and predict the different personal-approach needs of your prospects, you can convert more of them into happy customers. In this introduction to The Sales Connection process, participants will:

    • Understand the gifts of their own temperament better and use what comes naturally to their best advantage
    • Uncover challenges to effective communication
    • Understand their customers’ needs and learn to speak their language

Learn to look and listen for clues that will help you build relationship, communicate more effectively and close the sale.

Susan is Founder of The Handmade Life. Her knowledge of the career change process is not only academic, but based on her own self-reinvention throughout her working life. In addition to founding The Handmade Life five years ago, Susan has led personal growth retreats for adolescents and their families, worked in four different industries, owned three businesses and earned a Master’s Degree in International and Intercultural Management. Utilizing the finest gift and talent and personality testing available, she has helped hundreds of men, women and teens design a life they love. www.TheHandmadeLife.com

vaileVaile Leonard

Panelist: Go For It! Have the Life You’ve Imagined!

Founder, The Light of Truth Center | www.LightofTruthCenter.org




lorincBeata Lorinc

Panelist: Go For It! Have the Life You’ve Imagined!

Be Bold…Be Brave…Be You

Many women know what they are, but not necessarily who they are. We wear many hats and play many roles, but often times those hats and roles are not what makes you you. In order to find true happiness and success you need to first tap into and learn who you are, and then you need to define your own version of success in this moment, and then take the action steps to move toward those goals. Most of us skip the first part and just move toward other people’s version of success or culture’s version of success (aka the American Dream) and then find themselves successful on paper but also find themselves unhappy and/or unfulfilled. It’s time to be YOU.

Beata Lorinc is a woman who understands life transitions. She spent over a decade in corporate America, transitioned into her role as stay at home mom and is currently thriving as an entrepreneur. She empowers women to create passionate purposed-filled lives through her business Begin Now Coaching. Www.BeginNowCoaching.com

Join my free community: Begin Now – healthy, happy, whole Www.facebook.com/groups/BeginNowCommunity

Find one of a kind inspirational and meaningful jewelry at: Www.keep-collective.com/with/beata

mccainElizabeth McCain

Panelist: The New Feminism

Choosing Forgiveness; The Spiritual Practice of Letting Go

I will reveal the myths about forgiveness and present a clear understanding of the true meaning and benefits of forgiving ourselves and others. Learn the difference between reconciliation and forgiveness. You will learn spiritual practices and letting go rituals to help you release regret and resentment of the past, so you can open to more compassion and peace in the moment. Those of any or no spiritual or religious path are welcome.

Rev. Elizabeth McCain is an interfaith minister, energy therapist, forgiveness coach, and storyteller in Takoma Park. She specializes in loss, forgiveness, and transition
for women and the LGBTQ community. Elizabeth’s award winning solo show, “A Lesbian Belle Tells”, about her stories of coming out, family estrangement, and healing, encourages hope from the comfort of a rocking chair. www.ElizabethMcCain.com

mcdougallSandy McDougall

Panelist: The New Feminism

The Shift: Blending the Practical and the Spiritual in Your Business

Traditional business coaches can teach you the traditional nuts and bolts of growing your business. My experience is that rules are the “golden calves” which can lead us blindly down unwanted paths and often very far away from ourselves and our greater missions in the world. So, study the rules. But then know enough about yourself and your beautiful and unique purpose in life (hint: it’s often larger than your business) to be brave enough and wise enough to know where to break the rules and be guided instead by your own creativity and intuition.

Sandy coaches women ready to reclaim their clarity, courage, and creativity so they can live each day enjoying a personally fulfilling sense of purpose. She is devoted to family, friends, great food, eclectic books, dancing from the soul, and all things outdoors. She can organize anything and writes about everything. She is always ready to speak to groups. Some of her favorite words are: journey, curiosity, full expression, connection, and her current favorite – harmony. www.TheMaverickEdge.com

mooreAlix Moore

Powerful You: Amaze Yourself!

Are you ready to meet your powerful self? In this experiential workshop participants will learn what true power is, how to stand in their power—literally!—and how to cope with the speedbumps that are inevitable along the road to full empowerment.

Alix is a clairvoyant life coach. She helps individuals and groups transform their lives by discovering and integrating the power and magic of their true selves. Alix blogs, teaches, and heals at www.yoursoulstruth.com

moriartyAnne Moriarty

Panelist: Go For It! Have the Life You’ve Imagined!

lifeZINGcoach | www.lifeZINGcoach.com





purnellTahna E. Purnell, MA, LCPC

You CAN Have it All! Just Not All at the Same Time!

When we accept or are left with too many responsibilities, life can feel hectic and overwhelming. Many of us believe that we can have it all and do it all until life shows us the truth. Yes! You can have it all, but something will undoubtedly suffer if you try to have it all at once.

Learn how to consciously evaluate and choose the things that are most important to you and deserve your focus right now. Then reevaluate and adjust your choices until your life feels more ordered and peaceful.

Tahna E. Purnell is a compassionate and transformative life coach, educator and clinical therapist who is dedicated to helping others blossom into their truest self through shedding the limiting and often false perception of lack. With over a decade in the field, Tahna has helped many to learn how to truly assess their current reality and work towards the changes they desire. http://www.tpurnelltherapy.com

robertsonGinny Robertson

Conference Founder
Conference Welcome Friday Evening
Moderator: The New Feminism Panel
Moderator: Go For It! Have the Life You’ve Imagined Panel
Conference Welcome Saturday Morning
Getting Out of Your Own Way Breakout Session on Saturday
Conference Wrap Up/Closing Keynote Saturday evening – Committing To Change

Ginny Robertson Connects Women Around the World to their Gifts, Their Purpose and Each Other. In 2000 she founded On Purpose Networking for Women. There are 8 meetings each month in various Maryland venues, as well as plans to start groups in other areas. In 2003 she created On Purpose Woman Magazine, a free publication designed to assist women in leading richer, fuller lives. She is also a contributing author to two anthologies: The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs…Real-Life Stories of Determination, Growth and Prosperity and Conscious Choices…An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life. For 3 years Ginny was the co-host of WomanTalk Live Radio on 680 WCBM in Baltimore and in 2012 was named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women by The Daily Record.

schubauerAllison Schubauer

Panelist: The New Feminism

Allison is a recent college graduate who is passionate about art, music, divination, holistic wellness, and unraveling the mysteries of the universe. She is proud to identify as a feminist.




sibajeneTiti Sibajene

Internal Makeover Cleanse: Detoxify Your Mind, Body & Spirit, As You Release Excess Weight

Did you know the average person has 5 – 20 pounds. of waste matter sitting in their colon? Come learn how to use vitamins, herbs and nutritional supplements to safely, quickly and effectively cleanse and detoxify your mind, body & spirit, to get to your best you! A healthy body finds its own weight, and allows the immune system to do its healing work, leading to improved health, weight loss, increased energy, a raised spiritual vibration, and much more!

Twaambo “Titi” Sibajene, Esquire, Healthcare Attorney & Nutritional Consultant for Internal Makeover Cleanse | Titi found her passion for healing while researching laws on nutritional products. Titi loves to eat, so a cleanse powerful enough to remove the 5-20 pounds of waste that the average person carries, while still eating delicious foods, was essential. As a client, Titi helps you uncover your best you!

wainwrightDr. Priscilla Wainwright

Panelist: The New Feminism

Inner Tigress | www.InnerTigress.com

Exhibitors on Saturday

Awakened Entrepreneur Academy | website
Cortney Budney
Stop by my table and check out our Awaken Your Bigger Purpose and Prosperity Education Pack and Sessions

Charmington Oils | website
Bettina Perry
Charmington Oils is your Baltimore based essential oils resource. We are an independent wellness advocate for DoTerra International. At The On Purpose Women’s Conference we will have essential oils and essential oil accessories available for sale at discounted prices, as well as information and access to the full line of DoTerra products. Come by an smell the full line of oils, this outstanding product speaks for itself! Please check out my web site for an introduction to essential oils and fun dyi recipes using essential oils.

Deca Wraps
Suzanne Brinks | website
There are 10 ways to wear the Deca WrapTM. Perfect for women on the go who want to feel special, pretty, stylish and a little covered, but definitely not hidden! Available in many colors and prints. Deca WrapTM can be worn with pants, dresses, jeans, yoga apparel or as swimsuit cover up.

DonnaBrownDesigns – Healing Jewelry Collection
Donna Brown – Artist/Designer
My unique pieces will provide Healing Energy to help in areas of :
– focus
– clarity
– healing
– prosperity
– tranquility
And more…..
You will know the piece that’s right for you or your gift recipient when you see it.

Heal My Voice
Andrea Hylen | website
Writing programs and books. Connect with your voice.

Heart Over the Bar
Claudia Carawan | website
Claudia Carawan will be selling her 4 CDs of award winning, positively soulful music, as well as Jewelry by Zita (original bracelets and earrings) and Claudia Carawan tee shirts in cardinal red & black.

Idea Success Network
Sylvia Henderson | website
Stop by and see how the “Maven of Implementation”, can help you get your ideas out of your head and into action for profit and purpose.

Inner Tigress
Priscilla A. Wainwright, Ph.D., CPC | website
Info on Inner Tigress and Growing Courageous Girls Empower your daughter NOW! Protect her from pop-culture and peer pressure. Help her grow up authentic, strong and happy.Come see Growing Courageous Girls: How to Raise Authentic, Strong and Savvy Girls in Today’s Mixed-up Culture, THE quintessential manual for empowering your daughter today.

Internal Makeover Cleanse
Twaambo “Titi” Sibajene | website
Internal Makeover Cleanse proudly provides products to take you from a 1-Day Vitamin C Flush, through a 4-week deep cleanse & weight-loss program, using whole food, organic, vegan, gluten-free vitamins, herbs and nutritional supplements.

#jenmoments | website
Jen Granger
#jenmoments is a card line that allows the sender and the recipient to take pause and really consider a message that connects them in a meaningful way. My intention for each creation is included on the back of each card.

Keep Collective Customizable Jewelry
Beata Lorinc | website | 443-691-3648 | dreambigbewell@gmail.com
Anne Morris | website | 301-538-6212 | Agmorris31@gmail.com

Keep Collective shares a deep belief that living a happy life comes from always keeping in mind what truly matters: Love, Faith, Family, Friendships and Adventure and each piece of jewelry is a wearable touchstone, an instant reminder of the big things, the small things, and all things that matter.

Light of Truth Center
Vaile Leonard | website
Stop by and see the wonderful services The Light of Truth Center provides for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. See how your gifts and talent might be used in service.

Lilia Shoshanna Rae, Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Author | website
Offering short Reiki sessions while listening to a meditation. Come get relaxed and renewed to help enjoy the rest of the conference and your life. Purchase a copy of Pebbles in the Pond, an anthology of transformational stories.

LNK Creative LLC | website
Ellen Koronet
“Ribbit” “Ribbit” Hear that? That’s coming from LNK Creative, where there is so much HOPPening today: Get your own guidebook and picture deck: Inner Muse & Inner Mentor Creativity Cards (discounted today!); Sign up for a quick-and-fun creative problem solving session (one will be given away to a lucky winner!); Take a fun Quiz or the just-launched LNK & OPN Cool Women Survey; Find out how an interactive form or quiz can jazz up your customer engagement; Or, chat with Ellen Koronet, an expert on “Gamification” of Marketing in today’s fast-moving world.

Samantha Witt Massage | website
Samantha will offer seated massage on Saturday. The first 10 minutes are FREE! Additional time is $1/minute.

Storyweaving Coaching and Healing | website
Carol Burbank, Ph.D.
Come check out my new book, Storyweaving Playbook One: Answer the Call to Adventure, a playful workbook to energize your creative calling in the world, wherever you are on your path, by transforming your core stories and activating your archetype allies for the hero’s journey. Take my new quiz to find out what kind of hero you were born to be, and learn more about Storyweaving’s affordable, focused and short-term transformation process. (3-7 sessions jumpstart sustainable change with practical tools that fit your unique challenges and gifts!) You can love the story of your life!
The Maverick Edge
Sandy McDougall | website
Ready to explore, empower, expand, or re-imagine your life? Bring me your Crazy Ideas! I offer several complimentary mini-coaching-conversations throughout the day (sign up early to get one). Raffle and other goodies too. Want even more? I’m part of the Friday night panel “The New Feminism”, and I speak Saturday 10:40AM.

The Scientific Mystic

Rosemary Bredeson | website
At my table: I will be offering a free de-stress audio and a Meta*Physical Checkup Checklist plus a raffle for a gift card and you can have a free mini Mentoring Session with me during the Conference.Wings of the Sun
Karen J. Brand | website
Offering website design and graphic design services for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Vibrational Healing | website
Andrea Wenger, MAHA
Reiki & Sound Therapy to step fully into your power and live your soul’s true purpose with passion and joy! Vibrational Healing supports you to gently break free from stress, old patterns, and societal conditioning…and restore harmony to your mindbodyspirit. Gift yourself with a mini-session of Reiki or a drum clearing of your chakras to ground you. Andrea’s CD of soothing songs, crystal singing bowls, and guided deep relaxation will also be available. Ask about the women’s Womb Circle now forming!

Your Soul’s Truth
| website
Alix Moore
Could you use a little divine guidance? Stop by for your free micro-reading and see what wisdom your angels have to share.

Why Women Love This Conference
and Keep Coming Back!

If you’re seeking genuine connections and solid friendships…if you’re longing to share your gifts, skills and talents with like-minded women…if you’re looking for inspiration and insight, then don’t miss out on the 2013 On Purpose Woman Conference. I attended the first two years and look forward to attending again and again and again.
~Jory Fisher, JD, Founder, Jory Fisher & Associates, Inc.

You inspired me to embrace my authentic self! You encouraged me to boldly chase after my dreams! You demonstrated that it’s never “too late”! You confirmed that people are more alike than they are different! Thank you for wrapping me up in your love, wisdom, joy, bravery, openness and authenticity.
– Michelle Nusum-Smith

Carawan_testThe On Purpose Woman Conference is a rich and delightful gathering of inspiring women! The workshops are varied and informative and the connections are many! I’ll see you again this year!
– Claudia Carawan

I had a BLAST at the 1st & 2nd On Purpose Woman Conferences. The variety of presenters was great. The workshops were informative and very insightful. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that I implemented in my business and personal life. The atmosphere was very light and the women there were awesome and fun to be around. I can’t wait to see what Ginny has up her sleeve for this year.
~Cynthia Jacobs – Sacred Treasures

I had a BLAST at the 1st and 2nd On Purpose Woman Conferences!

As a sponsor, speaker, vendor and attendee at the first two conferences, I was fully immersed in the conference experience. They were well-organized, fully-attended and profitable both in terms of business connections, relationship building, learning and fun. There was a good mix of “head and heart” focused programming. I’ll be back this year.
~Sylvia Henderson, Your Idea Success Coach!

I attended both conferences. Ginny’s attention to detail made them a wonderful day of celebration and connection. From the handcrafted name tag lanyards to the inspiring music, to the enthusiasm and knowledge of the speakers, the conferences were memorable and energizing. Looking forward to this year.
~Cathy Roberts, Licensed Professional Counselor

It was fun, focused and full of life! I can’t wait to participate in the 2013 conference!

I had a fantastic time at the first two conferences. They were fun, focused and full of life. The energy of the participants was high and engaging. I can’t wait to participate this year.
~Sherry Burton Ways, Principal, Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC

I enjoyed every minute of the conference. The speakers were wonderful and enlightening. The energy was off the hook! The ladies were delightful and engaging and I loved the music.
– Pauline Bowen

This will be my third year attending the On Purpose Woman Conference. The first two were a mélange of dynamic speakers offering a variety of innovative and inspirational topics ranging from personal empowerment to business development. Not only did I gain valuable information, I also made tons of solid business contacts.
~Lane L. Cobb – Owner, Straight Talk Empowerment Coaching for Women

The On Purpose Woman Conference was a rich and delightful gathering of inspiring women! The workshops were varied and informative and the connections were many! I’ll see you this year.
~Claudia Carawan… positively soulful music

I encourage you to attend the On Purpose Woman Conference. I was introduced to Ginny last September and in 3 weeks I was heading off to the conference as a sponsor and vendor. Being a sponsor or a vendor is a wonderful experience when you have event attendees who are so participatory and so excited about what they are hearing and learning. That is what this conference is all about … women, business owners, colleagues, peers and friends coming together to discuss, discover and share all that they are and have. Don’t miss a great chance to learn, meet new people and come away totally inspired to ‘step up’ to getting your business and life on the move!
~ Tassey Russo, LevelUp Solutions

What a wonderful conference, and such wonderful potential friends! Kudos to Ginny for her love and energy and to all the presenters who outdid themselves with both excellent content and gracious caring.
– Dr. Priscilla Wainwright

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