2013 Conference

Spend the day with like-minded women as we have fun, get educated,
experience new things and make important connections!

Saturday, September 28, 2013 • 8am-6pm
Sunday, September 29, 2013 • 8am-5pm

at the Homewood Suites by Hilton • Columbia, Maryland


Your Investment: Only $99 for one day & only $149 for both days!
Includes workshops, breakfast, lunch and much more.

The first 150 women who register will receive a
GIFT BAG full of useful info and cool stuff!

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At Least 10 Reasons to Attend the Conference:

  1. Energy Flows When Knowledge Grows! Learn from Talented, Accomplished Speakers, Exhibitors and Coaches; leaders in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Personal / Spiritual Growth and Wellness.
  2. Take a Break in the CONNECTIONS ROOM and do some relaxed networking with like-minded women.
  3. Walk Home With a Wealth of Worthy Gifts! You’ll receive a lovely Gift Bag full of useful info and cool stuff.
  4. Wear a Personalized Hand-Beaded Name Tag you can use again and again.
  5. Receive a Binder including information on all speakers, attendees, exhibitors and handouts for all of the talks.
  6. Breakfast and Lunch can be shared, chatting about the lessons of the day and… connecting!
  7. Meet or Reconnect with the Publisher of On Purpose Woman Magazine and Founder of On Purpose Networking for Women, Ginny Robertson
  8. Music provided by the Fabulous Claudia Carawan on Saturday.
  9. Music provided by the Funky Deva Sherri Robbins on Sunday.
  10. A Facebook Group for Conference Speakers, Exhibitors & Attendees will be set up. Another way to keep the connections and growth flowing.

2013 Speakers

claudiaClaudia Carawan

Positively Soulful Music & Inspiration

Claudia will open and close the conference on Saturday with her inspirational and soulful music. Her CD’s will be available for purchase.

Claudia Carawan is an award winning singer/songwriter, performer and recording artist who has been inspiring fans with her positive heart and soul music for many years. In performance Carawan is “one goose-bump inducing vocalist” who moves with ease through many genres (soul, pop, gospel, jazz). Her music is best described as POSITIVELY SOULFUL.

To date she has independently released two recordings: “Out of the Blue” (positively soulful pop music) and “Fearless” (a collection of high-energy inspirational songs). Her inspirational music and videos are gaining an international audience. She lives in Richmond, VA. www.ClaudiaCarawan.com

greta_cobbGreta Marcella Cobb

The Only Person on Earth is YOU!

Have you ever considered WHY it is that the people you meet keep reappearing in your life? Do you really believe that there are 7 billion on this earth plane? When you recognize that there is a new way to navigate through life, your transformation will transform YOU.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to release judgment, within YOU and through YOU by eliminating one word.
  • What is needed to propel harmony and peace in your life toward a greater humanity?
  • How to look at your past without shame and use it for your greatness?
  • How to demonstrate with grooviness?
  • How to give yourself permission to demonstrate and heal your life and your world

Greta Marcella Cobb is an ordained minister, singer, researcher, spoken word artist, writer and doctoral candidate of metaphysics…to name a few of her gifts. (take a breath now!!!!)

Greta (as she is fondly called) is the founder and CEO of DemonstrateYOU! empowering women to release their unique fingerprint to demonstrate globally.

With over 20 years of spiritual studies, she combines her teachings with the “soulful inspiration from her beloved mentor, “The Godfather of Soul” James Brown, infusing YOU to “get the feeling”. If you have ne’vah been celebrated….get ready for your day of release as we celebrate YOU being ushered into your demonstration.

What she knows for sure, YOU will in this life DemonstrateYOU!

laneLane Cobb

For Love and Money – 7 Spiritual Solutions for Squelching Scarcity Now!

Discover where you are experiencing scarcity (financial or otherwise), what you might be doing to block the flow of abundance, and 7 easy things you can do to eliminate scarcity.

You will have the opportunity to:
1) Identify the blocks to abundance in your life.
2) Create a vision for having an abundant life / business.
3) Begin the process of learning to unblock the flow of abundance.

Sunday Morning Keynote – Break Through to Greatness – Getting Your Due for Just Being You

Explore the concept of authenticity and identify how limiting beliefs prevent you from moving forward. Get information to help you move from limitation to transformation, expansion and self-expression.

You will have the opportunity to:

  1. Identify the limiting beliefs that block you from getting what you really want.
  2. Begin the process of tapping into your true nature, and explore the possibility of relating to yourself and to others authentically.
  3. Learn tools to empower and create a nurturing environment for your authentic self.

Lane Cobb is an Integrative Life and Wellness Coach who teaches women to stop struggling in life and start living their purpose through individual and group coaching programs and workshops. Her proprietary healing modality, Intuitive Body Coaching, gives women access to love, clarity, freedom, and pain-free living. www.LaneCobb.com

genevieveGenevieve DiGiovanni

Awakening the Healer Within with Energy Medicine

Discover why it is important to balance your energies. Learn movements that restore the body’s energy flow resulting in better sleep, more energy and vitality and clearer thinking. With little effort, you can participate in your helping and help your body evolve.

Genevieve DiGiovanni had raised 3 children and had a 35 year career in the personal service industry, when she decided it was time for a change. Listening to clients, employees and her own self talk, she realized we can get stuck in our stories and beliefs. Talking about it and Thinking about it doesn’t work and eventually leads to illness. Since 2009 she had been working with women and the men who love them practicing Eden Energy Medicine, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) The Reconnection and Kinesiology in Harford and Baltimore county. Energy Medicine has ancient roots that draws heavily from western medicine like acupuncture and integrates well with eastern medicine. Energy Medicine can address physical illness and emotional or mental disorders and can promote high- level wellness and peak performance. She lives in Havre de Grace, MD www.VioletLadies.com

dumer1Ellen Dumer

Conquering the Labyrinth of Life: Finding Your Way with 3 Essential Life Questions

In this session you will learn:

  • 3 simple questions that can get to the core of living a vibrant life
  • How to discern the answers to those questions with clarity
  • Why happiness does not have to be elusive and how to satisfy your deep longing for joy
  • Where to find your uniquely designed path to your potential.

Ellen Marie Dumer, LCPC, President and Founder of Living Your Exceptional Life™, is a trusted expert in the field of transformational living and life success coaching. She is a guide and mentor for Catholic/Christian women seeking to harness and cultivate their personal and public leadership aspirations. Her program is comprehensive and uniquely tailored to enable the client to create a life that is grounded in their faith and one that provides personal transformation and fulfillment of their potential. She lives in Bel Air, MD. www.LivingYourExceptionalLife.com

natalieNatalie Forest

Declutter Your Body

Decluttering is key to a successful, vibrant life. Clean up your body and get on the road to a lighter, more liberated and easier life that allows you to be YOU. In this experiential workshop you will be given simple, initial steps to begin the decluttering process.

As the CEO & Visionary of the Life Transforming Coaching Natalie Forest, Ph.D. works with those who know that there’s more to life than what they are living now, a more successful and vibrant life. Natalie is a renowned inspirational, national speaker, coach, radio host, and author. Via her 5 key processes to Super Focus Natalie leads you to clearing blocks, that lack of focus to allow you to lead your IDEAL life, personally and professionally. She resides in Joppa, Maryland. www.life-transforming.com

sylviaSylvia Henderson

Saturday Morning Keynote: Essentially Yours: What’s Your Gain?

Great ideas. New & renewed connections. Tips for getting healthy, wealthy, and wise. Life and business transformations. So much happens at conferences and events – especially this one. It can be overwhelming. You may tend to get scattered and try to do everything.

Yet when you try to do everything, you accomplish nothing. How do you maximize your conference experience and get you greatest ROA (return on attendance)? Sylvia Henderson – the “Clarity Queen” of Idea Implementation – will help you make the most of your time and energy this weekend and give you a system for integrating what you take home from the conference into your everyday life

Sunday Breakout Session: Essentially Yours: What’s Your Gain?
This breakout session on Sunday will cover much of what is covered in Saturday’s opening keynote, and more. This is for those who miss the Saturday Keynote or those who want a more in-depth experience of the topic. You’ll get interactive and collaborative, and actually apply some of the tools and techniques introduced in this session.

You’ll want to do everything and talk to everyone during the conference, yet that just gets you scattered. When you try to do everything, you accomplish nothing. Sylvia Henderson – the “Clarity Queen” of Idea Implementation – will help you make the most of your time and energy this weekend by giving you, and having you apply, a system for integrating what you take home from the conference into your everyday life.

Communicate Your Ideas…It’s in the Cards!
When you communicate about your ideas will you give me facts and statistics, tell me a story, give me something to read and absorb on my own time, or wow me with your enthusiasm and emotions?

In this interactive session you will take away an understanding of and greater skill with reaching a variety of people whom you need to support & promote your ideas using a tool & concept based on a deck of playing cards.

Discover how it’s “in the cards” for you to communicate your ideas to different people with different communications styles in order to turn your dreams into dollars and make an IMPACT(c) with your ideas for profit and purpose.

Sylvia Henderson, the “Clarity Queen” for idea implementation, helps you get out of your head and into action with your ideas. Get clear on what you want in your business & in life, and be in action with strategies, resources, & accountability for implementing your ideas. Clients are entrepreneurs, business professionals, & non-profit leaders wanting a trusted adviser and proven systems to put their intentions into action. Intentions include making more money, building businesses & organizations, developing products, and initiating “next chapters” for their lives. She resides in Olney, MD. www.IdeaSuccessNetwork.com

claudetteClaudette Gadsden-Hrobak

Living Your Best Life

Are you living your best life? In this talk you will learn how to be the Best You, releasing thought, values, beliefs and relationships that no longer serve you. It’s All About You! How do you work through the challenges in your life? Are you controlled by your moods or the moods of others?

Claudette W Gadsden-Hrobak has been a life and family dynamics coach for more than 25 years. She is very proud of the bond and relationship she has with her daughter and her granddaughter and enjoys helping mothers and daughters grow . Claudette has conducted many workshops and written numerous articles about the personal growth of girls and women. Claudette resides in Baltimore, MD. www.CoachClaudette.com

maqCoach Maq Ele’

Personal Harvest… How Secure Are Your Roots?

Fall is the time of harvesting and as 2013 comes to an end, it is time to take stock of your personal harvest. Are you happy with the quality of your life experience? Are you excited about what and who is present in your life? Are you passionate about your personal and professional lives? Coach Maq will facilitate an interactive experience that will lead you in discovering your 2013 personal harvest where you will be guided in answering the following questions: what did I produce; what did I plant and what was I rooted in? You will walk away from this workshop with the tools needed to root, plant and harvest what you desire for 2014!

Coach Maq Ele’ is the founder of G-STRING Living which supports women in discovering, embracing and living as their authentic selves. G-STRING Living is an acronym for Gracefully Standing True Receiving InNer Guidance. For more information about Coach Maq please visit her website. She lives in Baltimore, MD. www.gstringliving.com

andreaAndrea Hylen

Sexuality, Money and Power

This workshop is designed to explore your connection or disconnection to three areas: your relationship to personal power, the level of money flow in your life right now, and embodied sexuality. We will explore how to open to new levels of doing, being and having more of what you desire. Activities include exercises and practices to increase the flow of receiving and giving.

Andrea Hylen believes in the power of a woman’s voice to usher in a new world. She is the founder of Heal My Voice, an author, and a speaker. She currently lives in Los Angeles following the inspiration to collaborate with women individually and in community. www.andreahylen.com and www.healmyvoice.org

kelleyMarlena Kelley

It’s All About IMPACT: 7 Steps to Increasing Your Credibility, Community & Cash Flow

IMPACT is powerful, for it will allow you to inspire others and change the world. In today’s noisy world, creating an undeniable IMPACT is a must for your business. The 7 steps you are about to discover will give business owners just like you the opportunity to not only provide the leadership and confidence that your community is looking for, but it will also catapult your business in terms of revenue, reputation, and reach.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this Session…

  • The 3 critical methods to making an IMPACT with your audience
  • The biggest myth you must bust before trying to sell your products & services
  • The #1 marketing addiction you must break in order to make more money doing what you love
  • The most effective and most profitable way to market your business
  • How to use social media in only 90 minutes a week to IMPACT your bottom line

Powerful Networking: Learn from the Masters with Ginny Robertson
Do you have a business dream? Are you struggling to make your business profitable? Are you serious and ready to build your business?

Marlena Kelley, Founder & CEO of the Global Institute for Empowered Women Entrepreneurs, LLC and creator of the Quantum Leap Strategic Marketing System™ has created an organization committed to helping you “Turn your Vision into Profit.” She’s not kidding or blowing smoke. Marlena wants to get to know YOU: “what do you do, and how can she help”? She is committed to helping women market and sell their expertise so they can lead and earn as the CEO they were born to be, just like she does. Teaching entrepreneurs how to build successful businesses is her passion.

Marlena has developed marketing and business development coaching & training programs that simulate the real world and teach steps to market and grow a business successfully.

She has a diverse background with a gift for, and over 15 years experience, in marketing, sales, and building business systems. A Clark University business management & international development degreed graduate, she began her marketing career 20 years ago in the non-profit sector and ended it at the U.S. Senate in 2008 to become a full-time entrepreneur. www.GIEWE.com

kittsKathy Kitts

Change Your Brain…Change Your Life

Discover how to actively, consciously change your brain so it works better. This can mean better memory, quicker thinking, faster learning, greater concentration and recall and fewer “senior moments.”

Learn about some of society’s greatest challenges over the next 10-15 years: reversing the epidemic of ADHD, relieving autism, training the brain to reverse learning disabilities and using good brain nutrition to alleviate depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and stress.

Experience how multi-sensory learning occurs and how it anchors memory much more easily. www.NeuGrowth.com

For the past 25 years, Kathy Kitts has created brain stimulation programs for babies and kids. She is affiliated with The Amen Clinic in Reston, VA., where she co-founded The Integrative Brain Network Collaborative, or I/BNC, which works to spread the good work of Dr. Daniel Amen and brain health in general. Additionally, Kathy has a radio program called, “The Resilient Brain,” which airs Saturdays at noon on Perfect World Network Radio, www.PWNradio.net.

She earned a degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences/Microbiology from UMD. She was accredited for creating brain development programs for kids age birth to 18. She graduated from The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, in Philadelphia, PA., with a graduate level certification. In addition to her two sons and husband, she has a Jack Russell Terrier named Skippy, and 3 cats.

kobel1Nancy Kobel

Reclaim Your Tiara

Discover and start to shine a light on how you may be holdihng yourself back from truly stepping into and claiming your own unique power and how to bring your unique power more fully into the world.

Nancy Kobel is founder and CEO of Leader Inspired. She is a certified professional life and leadership coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is passionate about helping women who feel stuck in the ‘shoulds’, discover their true gifts, release what is holding them back and reclaim their feminine power, so they can lead a life they love. She has spent over 20+ years in the corporate world, with a background in leadership development (and engineering) and is a contributing author in Heal My Voice: Inspired Voices and part of Heal My Voice: Feminine Leadership project. She resides in Crofton, MD. www.Leaderinspired.com

koronet1Ellen Koronet

Discover your Inner Muse/Inner Mentor Team

Using LNK Creative’s signature Inner Muse focused discussion process and the recently published Creativity Inspiration Card Deck, we will complete Left Brain and Right Brain activities to identify each participant’s persononal Inner Muse/Inner Mentor Team. This is a rich, satisfying, and fun activity that will reveal archetypal qualities that are wise and deeply motivating. In the process, we will create tools you can turn to for motivation and problem-solving.

Ellen Koronet is Chief Fun Officer of LNK Creative, offering one-on-one creativity training, group creativity facilitation, assessment questionnaires customized for your website, and focus group/survey experiences. Ellen is an Applied Anthropologist who has been studying the varied cultures of products and services for large corporations since the early 1980s. Over the past nine years, she has infused creative processes into her focus groups and surveys, resulting in a unique line of Focus Group methodologies and Creativity Training. Today she works with individuals and businesses to train the brain, open issues up to inspiration, and help ensure that FUN and connection are integral parts of the evolution of the new business economy. LNK Creative’s signature process – “Inner Muse Focus Groups” – is a problem-solving, inspiration-magnetizing process for individuals or groups, conducted in person or on-line. Ellen has recently been featured in the invitation-only Spirited Woman “Top 12 Picks” and 2013 Directory, and is on the Board of Directors for Heal My Voice. www.LNKCreative.com

LeesburgBettyAnn Leesberg-Lange

Your Body Speaks to Your Audience Before You Do

This interactive, participatory workshop looks at critical issues in body language i.e. posture, gesture and movement, as well as self-confidence projected through body language that affects your audience before you even begin to speak.

Let your body show your expertise!

Dialect coaches aren’t just for celebrities! Today the ability to speak clearly is critical to successful communication with clients, patients and co-workers. If you aren’t understood, your expertise is compromised.

BettyAnn Leeseberg-Lange brings 30+ years of acclaimed vocal work to her coaching practice, Talking Well Consulting. Her extensive work in graduate drama programs and professional theaters has been used more recently working with foreign-born seminarians, and yes, celebrities and actors, including dialect work for HBO’s The Wire.

As a vocal coach, BettyAnn produces striking results. As a presenter, she offers practical solutions to the difficulty and anxiety of public speaking.

logan1Chelsea Logan

The Energetics of Debt

Start to unravel the unconscious beliefs, behaviors, and motivations that lead to the accumulation of debt. You will have the opportunity to increase your awareness around your finances, clear energetic blocks and learn tips that encourage conscious spending.

Chelsea Logan is a successful serial entrepreneur, success coach, and money expert. She is a highly sought after media personality that has been featured in USA Today, ESPN Magazine, US News & World Report, and CBS News. Chelsea combines her business acumen along with her B.S. in Finance to help conscious entrepreneurs create a dynamic and fulfilling life. She lives in Springfield, VA. www.moneymenlife.com

mcdougall1Sandy McDougall

“Trust Your Crazy Ideas: How Connecting With Your Favorite (Often Secret) Wishes Revitalizes Your Work and Life”

Tuck your crazy wonderful ideas and wishes under your hat and bring them with you to hear this talk. Though you might usually keep them well hidden, protecting them from potential critics and naysayers, (other people? your own self-doubt?) today, your dreams for new possibilities in your life will be our Honored Guests.

I say TRUST YOUR CRAZY IDEAS!! And deep inside, you too know that both you and the world will be better off for it. So come play with new possibilities and re-connect with your dreams. You (and your crazy ideas) will leave more hopeful and happy!!

Sandy McDougall, M. S., is a writer, speaker, teacher, visionary, and mentor who loves creating new possibilities for women’s lives. Specializing in collaborative processes, she has founded, facilitated, grown, chaired, and consulted for women’s circles, organizations, and communities for over 35 years. She has long pursued women’s empowerment work, in-depth personal growth, and spiritual studies, and has worked professionally as facilitator, mediator, organizer, and manager.

As creator of The Maverick Edge, she currently inspires and mentors individual women seeking to turn their hopes and visions into reality. www.TheMaverickEdge.com

morrison1Barbara Morrison

Sharing Our Stories

Sharing our stories opens not just our lives but our hearts to each other. Everyone has a story to tell, and writing a memoir is a great way to share yours. Offering up our particular experiences helps us discover what we have in common. When we understand another person’s path, we create and strengthen the bonds between us.

In this workshop, award-winning memoirist Barbara Morrison will help you begin writing yours. After looking at different kinds of memoirs, we’ll discuss how to get started transforming our experiences into stories that will touch others.

Barbara Morrison, who writes under the name B. Morrison, is the author of a memoir, Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother, and two poetry collections, Terrarium and Here at Least. Barbara’s award-winning work has been published in anthologies and magazines. She conducts writing workshops and speaks on women’s and poverty-related issues. She is also the owner of a small press and speaks about publishing and marketing. She has maintained her Monday Morning Books blog since 2006 and tweets regularly about poetry @bmorrison9. For more information, visit her website and blog, www.bmorrison.com

nusum1Michelle Nusum-Smith

Thinking of Starting a Non-Profit?

This interactive presentation will help participants determine if starting a non-profit is the right decision by getting answers to the following questions

  • What will it mean for me if I start a nonprofit vs. a for-profit?
  • What is the difference between nonprofit, tax-exempt, and 501{c)(3}?
  • What are the steps for forming a nonprofit? What paperwork needs to be filed?
  • If starting a nonprofit isn’t for me, what are other options do I have?

And Much More…

Michelle Nusum-Smith, an experienced nonprofit leader, consultant, coach and trainer, is a self-proclaimed “Do-gooder who helps do-gooders to do good.” Michelle is the owner and principal consultant at The Word Woman LLC, a consulting company specializing in helping new and emerging nonprofit organizations to achieve their missions. She has nearly 20 years nonprofit experience, including program development, financial management, fundraising (including grantwriting and individual donor cultivation), human resource management, marketing and public relations, board relations, and event planning and coordination. A skilled writer and collaborator, Michelle has written and co-written winning proposals securing grants and government contracts valued at nearly $100,000,000. A graduate of the Honors Program at Coppin State University where she earned a BS in Management Science with a minor in marketing, Michelle is a member of the Grants Professional Association, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and Maryland Nonprofits. She resides in Frederick, MD. www.thewordwomanllc.com

owensCarolyn Owens

Moving on Up! Why Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

What keeps women from rising to the top? What unconscious mistakes are made that sabotage their careers? Early in life girls are taught to behave in ways that don’t align with success in the corporate world. Women are often unaware of these behaviors and don’t understand how this has impeded professional development and career growth. This workshop will highlight the key reasons why as listed in the international bestseller by Lois P. Frankel, PhD, Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office. Learn about unconscious mistakes that are made that can sabotage careers and ways to eliminate the behaviors allowing for more opportunities in the social and business world. www.InfinityCoaching.net

parker1Tonya Parker

Transform Rut Stories to River Stories & Step into the Flow

A rut is an established habit or course of action. A “rut” story is a negative response or excuse-making to the challenges we’ve faced. We all fall into ruts with our storytelling, especially when we vent. The problem occurs when we stay in the rut, and it obstructs our forward movement. The characteristics of a river include flow, and forward movement. In this interactive workshop, participants will identify, break the grip of, and transform their stories that are keeping them from forward movement, learning useful tips to step into and stay in the flow of where they desire to go.

Tonya Parker has blended her background as a psychotherapist, professor, and trainer with certifications in massage and natural wellness. The result? Mind, Body & Spiritworks—a harmony of flavors featuring wellness workshops, massage and Reiki energy healing, conscious communication consultation, a monthly radio show, and a meditation CD. She resides in Laurel, MD. www.mindbodyandspiritworks.com www.blogtalkradio.com/tonyaparker

riddley1Krista Riddley

Reinvent Your Wheel: Reclaiming Your Body, Your Balance and Your Bliss

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to break through the old patterns holding you back from achieving the well being and balance you crave, and to move with purpose towards the healthy, energized and blissful life you desire. You will:

  • Discover a process for identifying and creating balanced wellness in your life
  • Pinpoint what is standing in the way so that you can break through the roadblocks
  • Learn keys to getting and staying on track
  • Leave with action steps you can take right away that will get you kick started and build your momentum

Krista Riddley empowers accomplished, motivated, enlightened women to fulfill their life’s dreams by inspiring them to reclaim their bodies and reawaken their core self-confidence. Combining her holistic approach to health, nutrition, fitness and well-being with her signature authentic style, Krista passionately spreads her message to women worldwide through her community leadership, speaking, writing and coaching services. Her powerful, life-changing private and group coaching programs guide women through the process of embracing their own unique life’s journey and drawing on their personal experiences to create a customized blueprint for attaining a healthy weight, optimizing their energy and vitality and recovering their body’s natural state of wellness. She resides in Silver Spring, MD. www.KristaRiddley.com

Sherri RobbinsSherri Robbins

The Funky Deva

Sherri will open and close the conference on Sunday. Her CD’s will be available for purchase.

Sherri Robbins was born in Baltimore Maryland, of Scotts-Irish and Cherokee heritage. Music has been her constant companion since she can remember. She also had a deep passion for books (and the power of words) that would one day lead to writing her own songs. In her almost 30 years of performing live music and recording, she has had many highs and lows. But the miracle of making music never gets old!

To date she has released two recordings. She lives in Bel Air, MD.

roberts1Cathy Roberts

The Happiness Experiment

The positive psychologists (Seligman and others) are beginning to discuss the potential of not only increasing individual happiness, but sharing responsibility for the happiness of the greater community. In this experiment we will hold the intention of increasing the vibrational levels of the women present through an experience of individually generating inner happiness and then creating a shared group experience out of our inner flow.

Counseling couples, families, individuals, and groups since 1998, Cathy Roberts is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Rockville, MD. She focuses on the health, resilience, and strengths of her clients so they grow to accept themselves and create lasting changes in their lives. Play and creativity are central to Cathy’s spirituality and she brings these elements to her counseling, writing, and speaking. She honors all feelings, allowing aliveness to flourish and she helps clients acknowledge and release patterns that block awareness of joy. She uses relationship, play, dreams, and symbols to access deeper understanding and self- acceptance. www.CathyRoberts.net

ginnyGinny Robertson

Welcome & Vision for the Day on Saturday & Sunday

Powerful Networking… Learn from the Masters with Marlena Kelley

Ginny Robertson is President of Ginny Robertson LLC, an organization that “Connects Women Around the World to their Gifts, Their Purpose and Each Other.” She facilitates workshops, speaks to large numbers of women’s groups throughout the year and in 2000 founded On Purpose Networking for Women (OPN). There are 7 OPN meetings each month in various Maryland venues, as well as plans to start groups in other states. She is also the Founder, Publisher and Editor of On Purpose Woman Magazine, a free publication distributed in Maryland and also available online. Designed to assist women in leading richer, fuller lives, the magazine has been in circulation since 2003. She is a contributing author to two anthologies: The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs…Real-Life Stories of Determination, Growth and Prosperity and Conscious Choices…An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life and for 3 years was the co-host of WomanTalk Live Radio on 680 WCBM. In 2012 she was named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women by The Daily Record. www.GinnyRobertson.com

russo1Tassey Russo

The Revenue Ladder: The 11 Steps to Becoming a High-Achieving, Influential and Prosperous Business Owner

This is a presentation of Level Up Solutions Signature business building system. Tassey will briefly touch upon each of the 11 steps but the focus will be on those key steps that will set your business apart from the others and position you to realize a significant increase in lead generation responsiveness, client conversion and industry recognition.

Tassey Russo is a business strategist and coach. She works with high-achieving entrepreneurs who experience the euphoria of great business ideas and the daunting realization of just what it takes to execute those ideas. Using her step-by-step methodology, The Revenue Ladder, Tassey guides her clients through proven approaches and actions based on practical, tactical business building strategies and systems. Her clients realize high-yield, sustainable outcomes related to increasing visibility and reach, lead generation and client conversion, resulting in the transformation of their dreams and ideas into purpose-driven, influential, and highly profitable businesses. She lives in Darnestown, MD. www.LevelUpSolutions.com

smeltzerNancy Smeltzer

Moving Past Overwhelmed: Easy Techniques to Calm The Chaos

Life throws all of us stressful situations that can pile up until we feel like we’re sinking. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool box full of techniques to pull out depending on the circumstances?

Come and learn some simple methods that you can use to center yourself any time, even when speaking in front of a crowd or stuck in traffic. All you have to lose is a lot of stress.

Nancy Smeltzer is a long distance spiritual intuitive and coach, who has been working in the field of alternative healing for nine years. Her specialty is helping those who are stuck in repeating patterns of behavior. Through her research in the unconscious, she has been shown by the Divine how to help hundreds of people by offering practical, easily implementable solutions to deal with her clients’ issues. Her take is that by removing the underlying, unknown blocks of stuck energy hidden in the unconscious parts of our minds, clients will move to the optimal and fulfilling life of their dreams. www.transitionportals.com

sumler-1LaVonne Sumler

The Communication of Inclusion: Letting Potential Clients Know You Want Them

It has been proven that people generally buy from individuals they know, like, trust and follow.

This experiential workshop will teach you the importance of developing communication that attracts a broader audience. We will explore the impact that your use of code switching, as well as verbiage and images used in your advertising materials have on your ability to reach those who don’t necessarily look like you.

This workshop is designed to help women reach a more diverse audience to expand their client base.

LaVonne Sumler, The Emotional Health and Communications Strategist™ is the founder of Voice of Significance, a spiritually based organization specializing in inspirational services that promote emotional healing for forgotten, discarded, lost and wounded women.

LaVonne’s passion is inspirational speaking, presentations coaching and workshops. Her workshops integrate a blend of exercises, music, and lectures which enable participants to heal their emotional wounds and develop their own voice of significance.

She is the publisher and author of Restoration to My Perfection: Daily Affirmations and Journal and she is the author of, “LOVEon’s Blues” in Inspired Voices: True Stories by Visionary Women. www.VoiceOfSignificance.com

beth_terrenceBeth Terrence

Transforming Your Inner Critic to Your Inner Cheerleader

You are probably all too familiar with the voice of your inner critic. What if you could transform that voice into your greatest fan? The inner critic carries energetic imprints from childhood experiences and is trying to live out the past in the present moment. As you learn to transform the critical voice and bring yourself more fully into the present, you open the doorway for a new voice to emerge – your inner cheerleader.

You will learn:

  • Ways to diffuse your inner critic
  • How to be fully into the present moment
  • Transformational tools that allow your inner cheerleader to emerge

Beth Terrence, LMT, CHP, is a Shaman, Facilitator and Holistic Practitioner. Her mission is to support others in living a heart-centered, balanced and joyful life through discovering the healer within. With over 17 years of experience, Beth is a leader in providing Integrative Transformational Healing Programs for individuals, groups and organizations. She resides in Annapolis, MD. www.BethTerrence.com

ways1Sherry Burton Ways

Clear Your Clutter and Prosper

Have you ever asked yourself these common clutter questions:

  • Where do I start de-cluttering and what can I do about it?
  • How do I deal with the piles of mail and magazines?
  • What do I do if my family is the clutter problem?
  • What if I am too lazy to deal with my clutter?

In this workshop you will receive tips, goals and ways to get started. You will learn the relationship between prosperity and clutter and the emotional, physical and spiritual effects of clutter. You will also discover what clutter means in terms of Feng Shui and the creation of Feel Good Spaces.

Don’t worry…we’ll have fun with the topic as we learn and laugh together about the real issues of physical or emotional clutter and how to resolve them.

Sherry Burton Ways is a Certified Feng Shui Redesigner, Certified Interior Environment Coach, Interior Color Therapist and Wholistic Interior Designer who designs soul satisfying spaces. Sherry creates Interior Attunement™ through the use of Personalized Feng Shui, Color Therapy and Holistic Interior Design for both residential and commercial environments. She is an educator and Intentional Interior Designer. Her programs and design solutions are focused on creating well being by supporting the intent of the occupants through Intentional Design and Green Design awareness. Her results focus on relieving stress in residential and commercial environments. She is the Principal Designer of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC a Largo, Maryland based interior décor firm. It is her goal to create customized living spaces that overcome decorating challenges and evoke a feeling of well-being. She is an adjunct Professor who teaches Feng Shui and Interior Design at Baltimore County Community College in Catonsville and author of the new release Feel Good Spaces: Decorating Your Home for the Body, Mind and Spirit. She resides in Washington DC. www.KreativeWays.com

kathryn_yKathryn Yarborough

Facebook: A place to deal with your issues and grow your business!

The issues you may have on Facebook i.e. feeling invisible, unable to post, concerned you’ve upset someone, happen to all of us.

In this workshop you will learn some ways to get past your issues and get on with the process of using Facebook to grow your business.

Kathryn Yarborough is the founder of Flowing with Change – an online community that includes a library of meditations and personal growth workshops and opportunities for heart based entrepreneurs to promote their businesses. She, herself, is a heart-based entrepreneur who used to have an active private practice as a dance/movement therapist, manifestation coach, and integrative breathworker. Once she realized that she was called to work with people anywhere on the planet and develop an online business, Kathryn decided to focus her marketing efforts on Facebook. She has 3 Facebook business pages and the largest one, Flowing with Change, currently has over 23,000 fans and continues to grow daily. She lives in Columbia, MD. www.FlowingWithChange.com

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